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Overnight Rate Plan FAQs

If you don’t see an answer to your question, or you need additional assistance, please write to us at or call our Customer Care Centre at 1-844-952-5291.

How does this affect my bill?
  • During Phase 1 (September 1, 2017 to February 28, 2018), your bill remains unaffected. You will continue to receive your regular electricity bill from Alectra Utilities, according to normal Time-of-Use (TOU) prices. Please continue to pay this bill in a timely manner. At the end of Phase 1, you will receive an on-bill credit for the amount you saved, up to $500. The savings on your report for December 2017 will be the amount that you will see as a bill credit on your Alectra Utilities bill. If you do not achieve any savings during Phase 1, you will not be responsible for any additional costs.

    Throughout Phase 1, you will also receive monthly reports that compare the cost of electricity you used under TOU to what you would have paid under APP-Overnight. The report also includes a calculation of your electricity savings, but does not contain any ‘Delivery’ or ‘Regulatory’ charges.

    Once Phase 2 commences, the electricity costs on your monthly bill will be based on the APP-Overnight rates. Your bill will still show standard TOU rates, but the difference between the cost of electricity you used under the TOU rates and the APP-Overnight rates will be added as a credit or debit on your next bill. The amount of the debit or credit will be shown in the monthly report that will be mailed to you. You will have two weeks between when you receive your monthly report and when your bill credit/debit is added to your next bill. If you withdraw from the program in the two weeks after you receive your monthly report, then the bill credit/debit will not be added to your Alectra Utilities bill.

    Customers are advised to review their monthly reports for any cost impacts that occur under the Advantage Power Pricing program.

How can this reduce my energy costs?
  • During your participation in the Advantage Power Pricing Overnight program you can reduce energy costs by shifting electricity usage from Mid- and On-peak to Off-peak and super Off-peak. The Overnight plan has a similar Time-of-Use schedule, but with an addition of a Super Off-peak rate from 12:00 a.m. to 6:00 a.m. This rate plan is ideal for customers who have large flexible loads like electric vehicles, or who work shifts.

    By managing consumption during the higher pricing periods you can reduce your overall cost of electricity. In particular, avoid running appliances that consume a lot of electricity during Mid-peak and On-peak periods. These appliances include electric clothes dryers, electric water heaters, pool pumps, electric ranges and ovens. Also, turn off lights and electronic devices that aren’t being used. Using electricity during the Off-peak and the Super Off-peak periods will reduce customers electricity costs because you will be purchasing electricity when system costs are low.

How will I know how much I’m saving?
  • Your monthly report compares the cost of the electricity you used under the Time-of-Use (TOU) cost structure to what you would have paid under the APP-Overnight cost structure. It will also show you a cumulative total of your savings to date. At the end of Phase 1, you will be issued a bill credit for the total savings (up to $500) shown on the report for December 2017. You are responsible for tracking your own savings and tracking whether you have exceeded the maximum incentive amount. Alectra Utilities is not responsible for any increases in your electricity costs if you continue to shift your consumption to benefit from APP-Overnight after you have reached the maximum incentive amount of $500.

    Once Phase 2 begins, a bill credit or debit will be added to your next monthly bill equal to the price difference between APP-Overnight and regular Time-of-Use. You will still receive your regular bill following the TOU structure, but you will also receive your monthly report with the price difference. The difference between the price under the TOU rate and the APP-Overnight rate will be added as a credit or debit to your next bill. You will also be able to see more information on your cost difference or previous monthly reports at

Do you offer incentives on smart thermostats?
  • Yes! Please visit our APP Technology page for more information about our smart thermostat incentives.

What tools can help me save?
  • Visit our APP Technology page to find out more about how home energy management technology can help you feel comfortable and reduce your energy costs - you can even get an incentive of $50 for signing up!

    Your monthly report compares the cost of the electricity you used under the Time-of-Use cost structure to what you would have paid under the APP-Overnight structure. Using this consumption and price data, you can manage your electricity consumption and this can ultimately lead to savings.

    The online Customer Portal provides another layer of information beyond what’s in your monthly report. You can view your previous daily consumption, see detailed comparisons of your usage, and you can even select a subset of similar customers to compare yourself to. You can also view copies of all previous monthly reports. The portal is accessible at

    Electricity conservation programs can also help you reduce your electricity bill and save money. Learn more about our programs at

How much energy do my appliances use?
  • You can increase your home’s energy efficiency through simple changes to the devices that use energy in your home and the way that you use them. For example, weatherstripping and insulation will help reduce the amount of energy your heating and cooling system needs to keep your home comfortable, while power bars with timers can turn off electronic equipment that otherwise would consume electricity, even when turned off. You could also be eligible to get incentives to buy more energy-efficient appliances like furnaces and air conditioners. Visit for more information.

    The Independent Electricity System Operator also has efficiency tips and tools for home on their website.

What are the summer and winter rate periods?
  • The summer and winter rate periods run on the same schedule as the standard Time-of-Use rates. The summer rates run from May 1st – October 31st while the winter rates run from November 1st – April 30th.

How are prices set?
  • The rates for electricity in Advantage Power Pricing (APP) are provided by the Ontario Energy Board (OEB), which also sets Time-of-Use (TOU) rates. The OEB uses the same provincial costs that are used to calculate standard TOU rates, ensuring consistency and fairness.

    APP is designed to be revenue-neutral between a customer on APP who does not shift their consumption into the lower-priced periods, and one on standard TOU rates. This makes it relevant as a trial program and ensures fairness for all Ontario ratepayers. For a customer with an average consumption profile who doesn’t shift their consumption, the change in costs is expected to be minimal.

    As APP is intended to be revenue-neutral with respect to TOU rates, changes in the TOU rates will result in changes to APP rates as well. APP prices may change on May 1, 2018 to conincide with any changes to Ontario’s Regulated Price Plan.

    It is important to note that Alectra Utilities collects electricity revenues on behalf of electricity generators, and passes it on to them without holdback or markup. Alectra Utilities’ revenue is collected through regulated distribution charges, listed on the “Distribution” line of your Alectra Utilities bill.

I have questions, who do I call?
What happens at the end of the program?
  • The APP-Overnight trial is scheduled to end on February 28, 2019. You will receive your final bill credit or debit on your March 2019 bill. More information will be provided to participants during the program.

Am I committed to staying in the program?
  • You are not committed to staying in the program until it ends on February 28, 2019. You can withdraw from the program at any time without penalty.

    However, keep in mind that during Phase 1, there is no risk that you’ll pay more under APP-Overnight than you would under Time-of-Use rates. You’ll receive payment for your APP-Overnight savings at the end of Phase 1. Once Phase 2 commences, there will be no bill protection and a credit or debit will be added to your bill. At this point, if the impact of APP-Overnight on your bill is not what you expected, you are not committed to staying in the program.

Thank you.