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Process & Systems

No two manufacturing facilities are the same, thus efficiency solutions that work for one plant may not work for another. Your account specialist, provided by Alectra, can help you unlock the potential of the Process & Systems program. The program helps cover up-front costs to identify savings opportunities in your plant, and provides long-term funding, tools, and resources for you to implement those changes and upgrades.

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Capital Incentives

Capital Incentives are available for a variety of energy saving projects. Whether you are installing variable frequency drives on your motors or you are redesigning your entire system, you can receive up to 70% off project costs to upgrade your facility to energy efficient equipment and systems.

Monitoring & Targeting

Identify opportunities to lower gas and electricity costs can lead to long-term savings, more comfortable workplaces, and higher productivity. We can cover up to 80% of the costs to install or upgrade monitoring and targeting systems. Better control means better business.

Opportunity Accelerator

Opportunity Accelerator is a free, no obligation service that provides eligible customers access to qualified technical advisors who will work with your staff to identify potential energy efficiency opportunities at your facility. From there, you can apply for incentives and more. Making your business more efficient will be easier than you thought.

Engineering Studies

Our Engineering Studies Program can help you evaluate your business processes, develop business cases, identify capital incentive opportunities, and recommend optimization practices. All of which will help you uncover potential savings and help you understand how energy efficiency can improve business. We’ll also provide up to $50,000 in incentive funding so you won’t have to worry about a thing.



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