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Small Business Lighting Program

Get a free assessment and up to $2000 towards lowering your electricity consumption through energy efficient lighting upgrades. Improving your space can draw in more customers and create a more productive work environment. Plus we’ll take care of the installation without disrupting a thing.


Real success stories from real businesses.


"The new lights are great. They are a lot brighter and they also turn on a lot quicker."
- Ivan Chan, iGarage, Markham, ON

It's easy to do.

  1. We'll send an energy auditor to create a customized lighting plan.
  2. We'll provide a detailed estimate and calculate your incentive amount.
  3. You decide what and when to upgrade.
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In Upgrades

You're on your way.

Small Business Lighting
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Tip: Being more efficient can generate more money to reinvest in your business

Tip: Less environmental impact can lead to increased business efficiency and ROI.

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