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Meet the team

The Alectra Conservation team is here to share their expertise and experience on energy conservation. We’ll work closely with you and make recommendations that can help give your business a competitive edge using the incentives from the Save On Energy program.

Iain Robertson

Wayne Allen

Industrial automotive, machinery & parts

Trevor Van Eerde

Bruce Hanson

Industrial food & beverage, packaging, plastics & print

Robert Gregoris

Sooria Narsiah

Industrial pharmaceutical & labs

Colin Maughn

Peter Ormond

Commercial office, data centres, communications, health care, colleges & universities

Nicholas Ganesh

Mike Gemin

Multi-residential, retirement & senior living, non-profit, schools, municipalities

Mathew Davy

Buzz (Brian) Blaszynski

Commercial transportation & warehouse, mixed use

Raman Bansal

Zeb Foss

Commercial retail & hospitality

Gabriel Rosales

Sanjida Begum

Mid-market (customers with demand = 50 – 250 kW)

Thank you.

One of our energy professionals will contact you to discuss how we can help you start saving.