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Advantage Planet new

Advantage Planet is designed to reduce the demands on the electricity system and help the environment by cutting down on air pollution. While it’s a new program, it works just like peaksaver PLUS®. It’s a great, easy way to be environmentally conscious and help out your community.

Win with Advantage Planet

Even better than the peaksaver PLUS® program, you’ll also be a part of a community that gets a chance to win multiple great prizes and receives exclusive information on savings opportunities.

How Advantage Planet works

On hot summer days with the highest demand for electricity, your air conditioning use may be temporarily regulated through your smart thermostat. And that reduces the demand on the electricity system to ensure we all have the power we need to stay comfortable. As participants in peaksaver PLUS® know, you can do your part to help out without noticing a difference or putting in extra time, effort, or cost.

Sign up for Advantage Planet today!

Sign up for Advantage Planet before September 6, 2018 for a chance to win an Apple 10.5" iPad PRO! (see Contest Rules for more details). Customers who enroll will continue to have the ability to change their thermostat settings online, and active customers will be eligible for multiple prize draws during the year. Click here to review the full Participant Agreement and Contest Rules.

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NEW!!! Advantage Planet program expanded to ecobee customers

Residential customers with ecobee thermostats can now join the Advantage Planet community for a chance to win great prizes like the Apple 10.5” iPad PRO mentioned above. As an ecobee thermostat owner, you will also be eligible for another draw for a chance to win ecobee sensors or ecobee switches. Visit ecobee registration page to register your ecobee thermostat in Advantage Planet and to receive more details on the ecobee contest.



Sign up by September 6, 2018 to
WIN an Apple 10.5" iPad PRO!
advantage planet

Eligible thermostats:

Honeywell UtilityPRO and ExpressStat

Honeywell UtilityPRO and ExpressStat

Energate Foundation

Energate Foundation

Tip: Smart thermostats use 10-12% less energy without you noticing. Stay cozy.

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